About Us


Board of Directors

Our organisation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of prominent community leaders and professionals from the business, community services and public sector, including:

  • Prof Stephen Li (Chairperson)
  • Mr Anthony Pang OAM (Deputy Chairperson/Secretary)
  • Mr Henry Nan Hung Pan OAM (Honorary Executive Director)
  • Dr Leng Tan (Emeritus Chairperson)
  • Mr Sean Zhang (Vice-Chairperson/Treasurer)
  • Ms Tica Lee (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Dr Bei Lu (Board of Director Member)
  • Mr Evan Huang (Board of Director Member)
Prof Stephen Li


Prof Stephen Li was first elected as an Alternate Director in 2018 and the Vice-Chairperson in November 2019. He has been elected to serve as Chairperson since November 2023.

He is the Director of Core Pathology and Clinical Chemistry Services of NSW Health Pathology Western Sector who supervises chemical pathology services in 27 hospitals in 6 Local Health Districts across 70% of NSW. He is also the Director of the Westmead Hospital Lipid & Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Clinic. Since 1997, Prof. Li has been serving the community through public and community health programmes such as talking on weekly radio health programmes, wrote newspaper health columns, and organised and supported more than 100 health programmes and campaigns in multicultural communities.

Prof Li obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Sydney in 1989. He has also completed three master’s degrees in Science (Clinical Biochemistry), Public Health, and Business Administration, achieved fellowships from a few professional societies, and awarded chartered manager qualification from the Royal Charter. He is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Western Sydney and senior lecturer in the school of medicine of another 2 universities in Sydney.

He has co-founded the Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Clinical Support Service NSW, which had won the 2005 NSW Premier’s Gold Award as the best service delivered in NSW. He was a past president of the Australian Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) and is currently the Chair of Community Health, Honorary President and Foundation Member of ACMA.

Mr Anthony Pang OAM

Deputy Chairperson/Secretary

Anthony began his professional career in the areas of Finance/Accounting/Tax and Audit. He later joined the Public Service where he worked for over 25 years covering a number of areas, including Health, Construction, Commerce and Transportation. He was involved with the implementation of the “Richmond Report”, i.e., the establishment of community group homes. He was also a part-time Commissioner of the Community Relations Commission and a member of the NSW Bar Association’s Professional Conduct Committee.

Anthony has devoted approximately 20 years of voluntary work for the Chinese Australian Forum. As a community leader, he has developed close relationship with most of the powerful community/business groups including close link with the Federal and State Government and Councils. He has also established close working relationship with other community groups such as Korean, Japanese, Indian, Jewish, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Egyptians.

Mr Henry Nan Hung Pan OAM

Honorary Executive Director

Mr Henry Pan was the Foundation Chairperson of CASS, and had led CASS in the Chairperson position for 25 years between 1981 and 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree with First Class Honours and University Medal from the University of NSW.

Henry has vast amount of experience in business and project management, planning and development of community services and promotion and marketing. He had been a member of the Management Committee of many community organisations, as well as the Board of a number of statutory authorities, including the NSW Community Relations Commission and the NSW Community Language Schools Board. He had also been a Non-judicial Member of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal for six years, and an Australia Day Ambassador for 5 years. Since April 2008, Henry has taken up the role of Honorary Executive Director of CASS, looking after the day-to-day running of CASS, on a totally voluntary capacity. Due to his outstanding contributions to the community, he has been awarded many awards and honours by various governments, including an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 1997 and a Centenary Medal in 2001.

Dr Leng Tan

Emeritus Chairperson

Dr Leng Tan was one of the founding directors on the CASS Board in March 1981. She has been on the Board for a total period of 18 years.

Dr Tan is a General Medical Practitioner who graduated from the University of NSW. She has participated actively in community services and communal affairs as a volunteer for over 45 years, with vast amount of experience in management. She has served on the Management Committees and Boards of many community organisations, including the Chinese Youth League (CYL), and she was appointed by the City of Sydney to help in the organisation of Chinese New Year Celebrative Festival for many years since 1995. She was also a member of the Immigration Review Tribunal of Australia between 1988 and 1992. Due to her outstanding contribution to community services, she was presented by the NSW Premier with the Quong Tart Life Achievement Community Services Award in February 2011, and is the winner of 2019 NSW Women of the Year – Community Hero Award.

Mr Sean Zhang


Mr Sean Zhang joined CASS as an active member and volunteer in March 2014. He was first elected as an Alternate Director in November 2014, and has been elected as a Director in May 2016 to fill a casual vacancy. Since November 2016, he has been elected as the Vice Chairperson and Treasurer concurrently.

Mr Zhang is keen on charitable activities and community services. He contributes a lot to communities of East Asian background and provides assistance to them in order to create cohesion and harmony.

Mr Zhang obtained Bachelor of Marketing in Flinders University, and completed Master of Commerce in Finance at Macquarie University in 2013. Currently, he is the Managing Director of a real estate agent. He is a highly motivated and performance-driven professional with integrity and good character.

Mr Evan Huang

Board of Director Member

Mr Evan Huang first joined CASS as a volunteer in August 2016. He became an active member in July 2021 and was appointed as the Board of Director Member of CASS Care Ltd in November 2021. Evan has been actively engaging in community services during the past ten years while he studied, worked and lived in different cities across states. He was also part of a team to conduct voluntary research and analysis for social business implementation of selected vulnerable farming communities in South Asia.

Evan obtained a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney and completed his Master of Construction at the Bond University in 2018. After graduation, Evan had worked with a third-party project management consulting firm that delivered property projects; and then he moved to the pharmaceuticals manufacturing industry to perform duties for project management and executive support.