Yagoona Elderly Hostel

Elderly Accommodation Service

CASS Yagoona Elderly Hostel is located at Yagoona. The Hostel offers 33 single rooms and 4 double rooms, with the aim to provide independent seniors with affordable accommodation service and to meet the urgent needs of the seniors.


1) Accommodation features

  • Located at a quiet residential neighbourhood close to parks, community facilities and a 5-minute walk to Yagoona station and bus stop.
  • It is conveniently located with major shopping centres and Chinese supermarkets in the neighbouring suburb of Bankstown.
  • The Hostel offers single rooms and double rooms with some containing en-suites.
  • Each room is spacious and bright, equipped with furniture to provide the residents with a safe and comfortable living environment.
  • There is a communal laundry and kitchen that are accessible by the residents.
  • The Hostel consists of several multipurpose rooms plus dining areas. A wide range of recreational activities are to take place in the activity rooms, Chinese satellite television is also available.
  • Residents are provided with fresh and nutritious Chinese meals every evening, ensuring they have all the benefits of home living (Breakfast and lunch are self-managed by the residents).


2) Eligibility

  • Aged 55 or above with Chinese background.
  • Australian permanent resident or citizen.
  • Able to look after themselves independently.


3) Fees

  • The Hostel’s rent is lower than the standard market rate. Water, electricity, dinner, WIFI, laundry and cleaning of public areas are included in the rent.
  • Seniors who receive Centrelink payments, such as Aged Pension or JobSeeker Payment, are eligible to apply for Rent Assistance from Centrelink.


4) Contact

  • For more information, please contact Mr. Yang on 0428 916 395.