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Committed to serving the community at every stage of life.


The contributions and achievements of CASS are well-recognised in the community and also acknowledged by the NSW Parliament with the passing of a special motion to honour our services to the community. This development required the efforts of many people over the years which includes our team of dedicated and hardworking employees.

If you are passionate and energetic, believe in our vision and mission, working at CASS would be a new pathway for you to join us in serving the community, making positive and meaningful differences to people’s lives. The services provided by CASS cater the needs from cradle to seniors, including services in home ageing, residential aged care, disability, vocation & training, settlement & health, family & children, and many more.


HR & Payroll Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator (37.5 hours/week)
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Early Childhood Teacher Hurstville (38 hours/week)
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Home Ageing Services Registered Nurse (37.5 hours/week)
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Disability Support Workers
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Support Worker (Home Ageing Services)
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Administrative Assistant (22.5 hours/week)
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Disability Services Operations Coordinator / Assistant Coordinator 37.5 hours/week
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Business Traineeship Opportunities
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Multicultural Home Ageing Services Coordinator / Assistant Coordinator 37.5 hours/week
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Find out why 3,300 families access our services and activities weekly

“It is so wonderful to be a part of CASS. I’ve been working for 22 years and I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to CASS for the opportunity it offered to me to implement my goal and philosophy in childcare into reality. I truly believe CASS has contributed unmeasurably in serving the community. During these years, those feedbacks and recognitions I received from parents and the leaders of CASS has always motivated ad encouraged me in improving and want to serve with more dedication and professionalism in my position.”

Jane Aitcheson
Staff from CASS Children Services Team

“When I first came to Australia on my own a few decades ago. I felt helpless and lonely. I learnt of CASS from the newspaper and I immediately made contact with it. When I walked through the door. I had an immediate sense of being at home.”

Group Member
Indonesian Activity Group