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Volunteering at CASS

In the fabric of our Australian society, volunteers play important roles in all walks of life, helping and enabling our communities to grow and provide many essential services. The development and running of our organisation, CASS, rely also on the dedication and contribution of many volunteers, resulting in CASS being able to provide a comprehensive range of community services since 1981, catering the needs from cradle to seniors, including services in-home ageing, residential aged care, disability, vocation & training, settlement & health, family & children, and many more. Every week, there are volunteers helping our paid staff members in serving over 7000 families who access our services.

CASS proactively nominates the eligible volunteers for awards organised by the federal government, state government and local government in recognising their contribution and dedication to the community. Over the past few years, volunteers of CASS received numerous certificates and awards from different organisers and were well recognised.

CASS welcomes you to join us as a volunteer which is not only helping those who are in need but also making your life more meaningful. Your dedication will be highly recognised.

To JOIN or for more information, please visit our Volunteering Page.