Understand More About COVID-19 Vaccines @ CASS Online Information Session by Professor Stephen Li

【Understand more about COVID-19 vaccines @ CASS Online Information Session by Professor Stephen Li – 29 July 2021】

In response to the current escalating outbreak of COVID-19 due to the fast-moving Delta variant, vaccination could be an effective way to prevent us from getting severe disease and death from COVID-19. However, loads of messages and discussions about the vaccines, especially on their effectiveness, adverse reactions and side effects are prevailing in the community.

We invited Professor Stephen Li, Vice-Chairperson of CASS, a renowned and professional pathologist for 24 years, to present in an online COVID-19 Vaccine Information Session via ZOOM in Cantonese with Mandarin translation on Monday 26 July, which attracted over 70 participants from the community.

As the NSW Health Pathology endorsed COVID-19 Educator, Professor Li understands the worries and common suspicions of the vaccine among the general public. He explained the terminology and development of vaccine as well as its effectiveness in details. It is believed that the COVID-19 vaccines offer a safe and reliable pathway to immunity against the coronavirus especially the highly transmissible Delta strain. The virus continues to change, the best solution is getting vaccinated to lower the risk, protect yourself from severe illness and death.

Professor Li also emphasized the importance of washing hands frequently, practising social distance of 1.5m and scanning the check-in code when visiting any outlet.

Some of the participants questioned about the concern of the side effects of vaccines and whether they could have vaccination if they have got chronic diseases. Professor Li said, “It is always better to get the vaccines as soon as you can, and it is best to discuss with your GP if there are any uncertainties or worries about the health conditions.”

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for Professor Li’s explanation which greatly helped eliminate many of our doubts and hesitations, and provided much useful and up-to-date information about getting vaccination.

You are invited to share the Information Session at to your Cantonese & Mandarin speaking friends and families if they are interested to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines.