A heart-warming story of CASS frontline aged care workers❤️

【A heart-warming story of CASS frontline aged care workers❤️ – 27 October 2021】

A kind-hearted frontline worker proactively brought her succulents to cheer seniors up to get through COVID hardship.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our aged care workers, especially frontline workers, have faced more challenges to provide quality aged care services. They have borne the overheat and skin discomfort caused by wearing a long period of PPE, overcome the fears of infection for themselves or their loved ones and remained positive attitude to dedicate themselves for the seniors.

Surprisingly, a frontline worker did even more.

Xiao Cui, one of the frontline workers of CASS Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF), perceived seniors’ loneliness for no visitors during the lockdown period, so she brought many beautiful succulents to cheer them up.

Corinna, a colleague of Xiao Cui, spoke highly of her commitment to assisting the community and seniors’ wellbeing.

“This was initiated by herself, not her job duty. Her act was so sweet and meaningful to those seniors.”