CASS Online Chat Group

【Happy online gathering with morning tea – 19 August 2021】

Lockdown is challenging but it doesn’t mean to be alone and isolated! We can still chat, meet, share, laugh, play games and do exercises together virtually, and with lots of fun, love and care.

CASS Care has formed online chat groups for the Mandarin Speaking Community since last July. Almost 200 participants join each week. Participants enjoy meeting every Wednesday morning, share their daily lives and experiences, learn some new knowledge and skills from one another. We also invites professionals in different areas to discuss about the most concerning issues related to aged care, pension, health and wellbeing.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 10am -11:30am

Language: Mandarin

Grab your tea or coffee and join us! Please contact Ms. Lam on 0437 956 639 for enquiry and information.