Congratulations on CASS Volunteers for the Pandemic Hero Award 2020

【Congratulations on CASS Volunteers for the Pandemic Hero Award 2020 – 29 March 2021】

On 29 March, the Pandemic Hero Award Ceremony was held to recognise the outstanding contributions from the individuals and organisations to the local community during COVID-19. CASS was honoured to receive the Pandemic Hero Award presented by Tony Burke, Members of Watsons.
Dr. Leng Tan, Emeritus Chairperson of CASS and Dr Stephen Li, one of our Board members, and 9 CASS volunteers were presented the Awards for the good work. The awarded volunteers are Ming Chen, Lawrence Ng, Alice Ching, Tijing Ham To, Ruizhang Li, Yee Hing Elaine Chung, Ngoc Mai La, Pinzhuang Hu and Holly Liu.
The Pandemic Hero Award is a significant recognition of CASS in providing a great range of services to the multicultural community during the pandemic. Our volunteers had played an important role in supporting to maintain the wellbeing of the community. This award is the result of our collaborative effort and CASS will continue our commitment by serving the multicultural community.
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