Daughter of RACF resident sends heart-warming thank-you letter 📝❤

【Daughter of RACF resident sends heart-warming thank-you letter 📝❤ – 10 November 2021】

A thank-you letter from the daughter of one of RACF residents warmed the hearts of CASS frontliners at Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF).

Christina, the daughter of one of CASS RACF residents, wanted to express her appreciation of the dedicated care that RACF had been provided to her mother, Defang, and sent a thank-you letter to CASS in August.

In the letter, Christian thanked all staff, including managers, registered nurses and care workers, for their commitment and dedication. She also spoke highly of Kit, the facility manager: “(During the travel restrictions period) I didn’t expect that Kit spent her weekend evening and immediately wrote the letter of compassionate reasons to me. Without her timely letter, I couldn’t visit my mother as the schedule.”

In fact, it is not the first time that Christina has spoken highly of the staff for their caring and compassion for elders. She also sent a thank-you letter in March this year.

Please refer to the below pictures for the full text of the thank you letter.