Strive to thrive – CASS supports, you grow 🌻🌻

Strive to thrive – CASS supports, you grow 🌻🌻 – 7 April 2022

We are thrilled that our employees found our up-skilling course helpful and gave a 100% satisfaction rate!

“To serve multicultural communities, CASS employs a lot of staff from different cultural backgrounds, so English may not be their first language.” Dorothy, CASS Senior Executive Officer, said.

“Their writing skills may not be up to scratch.”

That’s why we approached Navitas Skilled Futures to further develop our employees’ English business writing skills. With over 10 years of relationship with Navitas, we believe the long-term cooperation ensures they tailor the course to each individual’s needs, catering for various team members, and maximising the support we can provide for CASS employees.

The 100% satisfaction rate has proved that our choice to support our employees was correct as expected. CASS values the personal growth and advancement of every staff in different areas, and it is not the first time we have organised upskilling programs.

“I just joined CASS about 6 months ago,” Wendy, a new employee in the CASS promotions unit, said happily. “I have completed a nationally accredited First Aid training and a FirstCPR program. Now, I am going to do another accredited CPR training. All supported by CASS.”

CASS not only supports its staff’s self-development, but also never hesitates to nominate volunteers for awards organised by the Federal Government, State Government and local governments, such as the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards, 2021 Banks Volunteer of the Year Award, Pandemic Hero Award 2020, etc,.

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