Thank you Keighery Hotel

【Thank you Keighery Hotel- 25 May 2021】

CASS Deputy Chairperson/Secretary Mr Anthony Pang attended the Keighery Hotel Communities Night on 22 May, to accept a donation cheque presented by Redcape Group. The hotels under Redcape Group made a generous donation of over $9,000 to CASS in the last two quarters through the Publinc Communities from the pledge programme.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Redcape Group and participating hotels for their generous donation and support to the local community and a big thank you to those customers who recognise and support the work done by CASS. The donation will go to supporting CASS services that are run without Government subsidy, such as Connect Call services to the elders, PAL Time for children, Settlement services for Korean and Youth programme.

CASS Care is currently working on many essential services to fulfil the needs of the community with its own resources. Therefore, donations & monetary support from corporations and individual is welcomed and plays a significate role in the expansion and enhancement of our services.

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