You can make a difference, for yourself, for others!!!

【You can make a difference, for yourself, for others ❤❤ – 16 September 2021】

Do you know you can be an inspiration for someone?

The story of Jung demonstrates this in a very meaningful way. “Growth is about gaining knowledge, skill or experience that makes you better than your yesterday self, meanwhile, you can positively affect someone’s growth.

Jung has been working at Home Ageing Services of CASS Care for nearly five years, mainly in supporting and serving the Korean immigrants in NSW. Like many other new migrants first settling in Australia, Jung encountered lots of obstacles and challenges in languages, habits and customs, as well as cultural differences at the beginning. Difficulties occupied her everyday life at that time, however, frustration did not beat her down.

Her enthusiasm, determination and patience supported her to overcome all the hurdles step by step. She started with sharpening her English at TAFE, taking the Aged Care course for building her new career in a new land. She adopted an opened mind to respect all changes and appreciate the diversity, learnt to be a wholehearted Korean Australian.

Jung shared, “It is my great pleasure working for a community organisation like CASS, working with my team to support our clients from Korea or other places to adapt in the new living environment. Many of our Korean clients are the first-generation migrants to Australia, language barrier hinders them from accessing the community services and support they are looking for.” Jung is also the first-generation migrant, she shares their same feeling, understands their needs, her journey encourages and empowers her clients to go through the rugged road of migration.

Jung continued: “My life has become more valuable when I realise my work can really make a difference to their lives. Now I enjoy my work and I am grateful to have a joyful and meaningful life in Australia.” She shared a photo with her family in big cheers.

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