Residential Aged Care

Service Fee

CASS operates a 63-bed Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) in Campsie, which has commenced operation in February 2015. This newly built Facility has many outstanding features meeting your needs.

There are four types of fees:

1) Basic Fee

2) Accommodation Payment;

3) Means-tested Care Fee; and

4) Additional Service Fee

1) Basic Fee

Basic fee is charged to cover your daily living costs in our Facility. This fee includes, but is not limited to the provision of food, water, laundry, lighting, cooling/heating, etc. Every resident has to pay this fee which is set at 85% of the single full Age Pension.


2) Accommodation Payment

This is the daily rent (price) payable to stay in the Facility.  Depending on your financial situation, you may need to pay this accommodation cost in full, or you may be partially or fully supported by the Federal Government.  If you are required to pay for the accommodation, you can choose to pay in a lump sum amount, or through daily payment, or a combination of both. Our current maximum refundable deposit is $550,000 and the maximum daily payment is $125.67. The maximum daily payment is calculated based on the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate of 8.34% for the period between 01/04/2024 and 30/06/2024. If you choose a combination of both, for example, 50% of refundable deposit and 50% of daily payment, you will pay $275,000 as the deposit and $62.84 as the daily payment. The lump sum amount will be refunded to you or your estate when you leave our Facility.


3) Means-tested Care Fee

This is a contribution by you towards your day to day care costs (such as nursing and personal care). The Government would recoup the care costs from you if you are financially capable. The amount payable is determined by Centrelink based on your income and assets assessment. However, there are annual and lifetime caps on the total amount payable by you.

We are able to determine the level of care needed only after you have moved into our Facility. At present, the Government uses the Australian National Aged Care Classification funding model (AN-ACC) to determine the payment in respect to the level of care in RACF. You will pay no more than the amount determined by AN-ACC for your care (subsidy and primary supplements).


4) Additional Service Fee

Additional service fee may apply if you choose to engage extra services e.g. TV, telephone landline or hairdressing. Other external services are available upon request, and fees will be charged based on the external service provider’s quotes. The fee payable will be negotiated between you and us / service providers.